Florist's Suggested Arrangements:

Flowers are a comforting reminder that you are thinking of the family throughout the grieving process.

When should I send flowers for a sympathy?

Some people choose to send flowers to the home immediately upon hearing the news, some wait until the funeral service and others wait until a few weeks have passed. There are no steadfast rules.

If sending flowers to the home it can be convenient for the bereaved to receive flowers in their own water source so that they do not need to worry about finding a vase. A vase, box arrangement are good options.

If sending flowers to a cremation service, keep in mind that the family will often take the flowers home with them. Something that is easy to transport like a bouquet or a box arrangement works well.

Flowers sent to a burial service are usually left at the cemetery. Something more formal like a wreath or a floral sheaf are good options.

A nice gesture is to send flowers to the family a week or two after the initial activity around organising the funeral has passed. It can be very comforting to the bereaved to let them know that you have not forgotten about them, or their loss.  It is never too late to send flowers to express your sympathy.

Should I send bright or pastel coloured flowers?

While many choose to send pastel, subdued arrangements, it is also common to send bright flowers, which celebrate the happiness and joy the deceased brought to their life. Bright colours can be especially fitting if the deceased had a bright and bubbly personality. Again, there are no steadfast rules and comes down to personal taste.

While many of us think of flowers to express sympathy, plants are a practical and lasting way to show support to grieving family members. Plants can be enjoyed for months and years after a funeral and can serve, as a remembrance to loved ones who have passed. Feel free to call us to discuss which flowering plants we can source for you.