Bouquet of 12 red roses

$120.00$190.00 inc GST

Send your love with 12 luscious red roses. Make someone’s day, share your thoughts or spark some passion with this classic!

Mixed colour rose bouquet

$150.00$200.00 inc GST

Bouquet of roses in a mixture of colours

Premium size pictured.
A bouquet is a group of flowers selected and arranged into a design which is then tied off with string and wrapped in decorative paper.
Once received the recipient will need to unwrap the flowers and place them into a vase. A bouquet is often given to people who are likely to already to have a vase or other vessel in which to place them. All bouquets being delivered are sent out in their own temporary water source.

Pastel rose vase arrangement

$150.00$200.00 inc GST

A bouquet of assorted pastel roses arranged in a vase.

This bouquet comes arranged in a vase, making it perfect to send to a hospital, nursing home or to a recipient who may not already have a vase. Premium size pictured.
Flowers/colours are subject to availability and appropriate substitutions may be made. Care is taken to maintain the style, theme and color scheme of your selected arrangement.